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About CourierConnect Pvt ltd


A number one provider of universal access to market driven Logistics services by 2020.


To provide universal, specialized Courier,Travel and Clearing services.


•Conveying, delivering; and performing all incidental services of receiving, collecting, sending, despatching and delivering domestic and international commercial courier articles for reward; and within a specified time..
•Conveying by post and delivering of commercial courier articles to and from other countries in accordance with the Express Mail Service(EMS) rules and regulations and commercial courier mail exchange partnerships.
• Provision of lower levels of courier services to rural areas and at the village level through the use of ZIMPOST network on agency basis..
•Drawing up and implementing a sustainable programme for the development of courier services to underserved rural areas of Zimbabwe.


• Customer Care

• We listen to our clients .

• Accountability

•We take total responsibility for our actions and transparency is a critical pillar of our operations.

• Team Work

• We give support to and respect one another as we work co-operatively.

• Integrity

• We believe in honesty and uphold strong moral principles.

• Passion

• We are always on our toes to create new products and services for our valued clients.