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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are not answered, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

  • CourierConnect may perform any of the following activities on behalf of the sender in order to provide efficient services:

    Complete missing information on conveyance documents and amend product or service chosen. Re-direct the consignment to receiver or sender upon request in writing by any person who CourierConnect believes in its own opinion is the authorized person.Re-pack consignments and charge for re-packaging where CourierConnect believes in its opinion the packaging used is not safe for items conveyance.
  • Prohibited/unacceptable consignments?

    CourierConnect shall not accept for conveyance all consignment classified as: Hazardous material, dangerous goods, or prohibited articles for transmission as agreed by The International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the Universal Postal Union (UPU). Dangerous drugs, living creatures, and sharp instruments (unless properly packed to avoid all risks to persons and other consignments.) Indecent or obscene communications and articles, human remains, firearms, and ammunition, precious materials, currency and narcotics or dangerous drugs.
  • Deliveries and Unacceptable ?

    Consignments are delivered to physical addresses only. CourierConnect can however advise the receiver through Post Office Boxes for collections over its depot counters. f receiver refuses delivery, or refuses to pay for COD delivery, or consignment is deemed to be unacceptable, or it has been undervalued for Customs purposes, or receiver cannot be identified or located, CourierConnect shall use reasonable efforts to return the consignment at the senders cost. Failure of which the consignment will be disposed of or sold by CourierConnect. Proceeds will be directed to offset expenses incurred.
  • CourierConnect Liabilities ?

    CourierConnect contracts with sender on the basis that CourierConnect liability is strictly limited to: Conveyance of consignments from acceptance to delivery. Safeguard and protect customers� goods against loss or damage, unless otherwise caused by forces beyond the control of CourierConnect e .g fire, war, riots, accidents etc CourierConnect will not be liable whatsoever to anything that happens before acceptance and after delivery of consignments.
  • Insurance?

    CourierConnect insurance shall cover the actual and declared value in respect of loss or damage to goods as provided for by CourierConnect�s Terms and Conditions of Service. CourierConnect will compensate fully for all insured items, and will only compensate up to 3% for non-insured, declared items. Declared values and insurance amounts shall be entered on the Consignment Notes and a receipt issued for all services rendered. Insurance does not cover indirect loss or damage or delays caused by conditions beyond the control of CourierConnect
  • Claim Periods?

    All claims must be submitted in writing to the Customer Services Manager and accompanied by a copy of the consignment note which given during the day of posting, within 30 days from date of posting, failure of which, CourierConnect shall have no liability whatsoever.
  • Delayed Delivery?

    CourierConnect will make reasonable effort to deliver all consignments according to its laid down delivery standards, but these do not form part of the contract and are therefore not guaranteed.
  • Circumstances beyond CourierConnect�s control

    CourierConnect will not be liable to any loss or damage to customers� consignments arising out of circumstances beyond its control. These include but not limited to: the act of God, riots or civil commotion, fire, earthquake, industrial action, etc. Sender�s warranties and indemnity The sender shall indemnify CourierConnect for any loss or damage arising out of the sender�s failure to comply with these Conditions of Service: All information provided by sender or authorized representative is complete and accurate. The consignment is properly packaged, addressed and well marked to ensure safe conveyance, with ordinary care in handling. The sender or authorized representative has signed the Consignment Note and is aware of the Conditions of Services enforced by CourierConnect.